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Session on Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav



Theme-1:            Field-Deployable Miniaturized Sensors


In the era of information, miniature sensors play an immensely important role in accessing field-data in a variety of applications ranging from point-of-care diagnostics, to asset-monitoring, environmental management, process and system automation, or food and water quality monitoring. High sensitivity and specificity, low cost, small size and amenability to mass-fabrication are the key features of these sensors, attaining which require an interdisciplinary approach involving microfluidics, biotechnology, micro and nano engineering, electronics and data science. Speakers and participants in this thematic area will discuss the current challenges and future development of novel, field deployable miniature sensors and explore their scopes in their ubiquitous deployment for a holistic management of national resources.


Theme-2:            Waste Valorization and Circular Economy


The present-day lifestyle generates an abundance of waste materials of various kinds, disposal of which has long been recognized as a serious problem in the society. However, the potential of the waste itself as a source of wealth is gaining acceptability in the scientific community. This not only promotes the best utilization of resources; it also provides a means of sustainable development. The concept of waste valorization encompasses a wide range of areas starting from biotechnology and energy sources to sustainable manufacturing. The speakers and participants in the symposium will address some of the critical issues in this area and highlight the major developments.


Theme-3:            Resource Constrained Translational Technologies


A new technology always is an outcome of fundamental research followed by successful translational research. Thus the role of translational research is not only crucial, but is extremely important for the development of real world technological and engineering solutions that can be implemented with cost-effectiveness and minimum resources. In this track, eminent speakers from industries and academia shall discuss a few success stories and share their experiences in their journeys towards the development of successful technologies and products in various domains of engineering and science.


Theme-4:            Nanostructured Surfaces for Functional Materials and Systems


Nanotechnology, an interdisciplinary research area, deals with the technological goal of precisely manipulating atoms and molecules for fabrication of miniaturized and smart devices, sensors and systems. In particular, size tunable, functional nanomaterials have strong potential for widespread applications in several domains including Surface Engineering, Molecular Biotechnology, Energy Materials, Environment, Healthcare, Nanoelectronic and Photonics devices etc. Eminent speakers of this theme will focus on some cutting-edge developments in the following areas of Nanotechnology in the symposium: (a) Surface engineered nanomaterials for wear resistance applications, (b) Surface functionalization for non-invasive healthcare devices, (c) Nanomaterials for sensors and smart systems and (d) Nanostructured surfaces for energy harvesting devices.